Deep Reflection

In 2015, I was with a client named Conal. At the time I had a recording studio where I would teach and record and he came in for a session.

He had just been through some traumatizing personal stuff and he gave me some advice I will never forget.

I will never forget, because his advice was to tell me to write things down and create a journal. As a result, I still remember his name because I wrote it down.

The focus of the journal was to check in once a month with any updates, mainly in regards to business and life lessons.

The Power of Writing

Writing not only allowed me to reflect and reminisce on the past to see how I was tracking, but it also provided a deep way to resolve many of the issues my mind was presenting.

When I sat down to write in my Google Drive, I would need to structure my thoughts and work through my decisions.

On a certain level, this corner of the internet is a place where I share my mind and templates to live a more fulfilling life.

Many of my opinions change over time, but writing them down allows me to work through my thoughts and look back as my values change.

If you’ll allow it, let’ explore the depths of human experience together.

Please help me spread these powerful provoking ideas.

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